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Why hire me?

Because while many companies understand their business very well, many don’t truly understand the essence of marketing as well as they should.

Welcome to the most potential business-changing website you’ll ever visit!

Want to remove the wall you’ve been banging your head against when it comes to fresh, effective, money-making marketing and advertising… and finding new ideas to appeal to your customers … Then you’ve found the perfect person!

I’ve met scores of business owners big and small who know their business better than anyone. Buy they rarely have an eye for marketing. I’ve had dozens of calls with corporate marketing directors who know the MECHANICS of getting marketing done, but have little clue as to the actual people they are selling to.  Which is a shame, because in most cases, effective, meaningful marketing is the KEY to success and growth.

If you can’t attract customers, you will go out of business.  It’s that depressingly simple.  Business owners, companies or corporations who fail to understand marketing on a micro level, and think they can do a sloppy job of it themselves, often fail even faster, and spend more money doing it.

That’s why they seek me out. To help them better understand effective marketing.

Who Am I

I’ve spent the last 20 years, straight out of college, working as a direct marketing copywriter.  I’m one of the best, most well-known and sought-after DM copywriters in the world.

With Clients around the globe, I have a unique marketing perspective that is nearly impossible to find in any other marketing professional on earth.  On a continuous basis, I see an enormously wide body of marketing work across dozens of industries.

Cilents hire me for one reason, and one reason only … I can make them money.

I’ve spent my entire career in direct marketing, where ONLY RESULTS (CASH PROFITS) COUNT.  I don’t believe solely in image advertising, or clever brand advertising.  I believe in marketing strategies and response-based advertising that informs and appeals, gets people’s attention and SELLS.

I’ve worked as a privately hired marketing consultant to dozens of companies from Fortune 500s to small startups.  From Donald Trump to Mitt Romney, to Omaha Steaks to National Geographic to Publisher’s Clearinghouse to Miracle Ear …  These companies and over 600 more pay me more money per hour (even double) than the highest paid doctors and lawyers, just to share my marketing insight.

Why me?  Because I understand marketing, understand people and can solve any marketing problem and sell anything.  As a high-powered marketing expert, I can look at your business in ways you can’t.  I can bring fresh ideas, strategies and innovations.

To do what I do means I need to be a very, very,very good marketer.

I need to have a deep understanding of what makes people tick, what makes them buy, what they think and feel, and why they would have any interest in what you are selling.

I’ve worked with the world’s third largest bank, Americas oldest insurance company, one of the largest, mega ad aagencies in the world.  I have been paid enormous sums of money to share my marketing skills with others.  No company can afford to hire me.  That’s why I work for myself.  Companies will fly me in for even just a day for my help in solving their persistent marketing problems.

I have helped sales reps who said. “my territory is like Death Valley.” I’ve helped MLM masters build enormous downlines and make even MORE money.  I’ve helped retails owners draw customers like bees to honey.  I’ve helped companies from Russia to Japan attract new customers.

On behalf of my clients, I’ve sold just about anything imaginable from expensive steaks to ladders to arthritis pills, to cars, to books to jewelry to coins to hearing aid batteries.

I only take ONE speaking assignment per month… 12 per year.  If you want to book me to speak at your next meeting, function, conference, corporate retreat etc, don’t wait.  Or it may not happen